Questions, Observation and Drilling Equipment

As children we had super powers that we have since left behind, or never fully realized even in our youth. As we get older we are expected to know the answers, and become more conscientious when appearing not to have the answers. The result is the dimming of our curiosity and sticking with what we already know. We stop asking questions and observing the world around us. It is an intriguing conundrum that now when finding solutions to the world around us is most important, and we are put into positions of power to apply them, is the time when culturally we are conditioned to stop asking questions and to observe the world around us. Questions and observation are core essentials in becoming, or becoming more so, innovative. Innovation much like creativity is the ability to associate different ideas to create solutions that are relevant and novel.

Forming an accurate focused questions results in a clear picture of the true problem. Often we spend our time chasing the wrong problem; and become disappointed by the effectiveness of the solution that we find. Ineffectiveness is the result of solving the wrong question. You need to know what you are drilling for. If you are using oil drilling equipment to find coal you may get lucky and hit a deposit, but then you are no better off than before if you keep trying to pull coal through a pipe designed for oil no matter the quality of your equipment. You need to know what you are looking for so you can show up with the right tools. Symptoms are often distract us from seeing the true root of the problem.

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